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Fall 2014 Rush Schedule

All events start at 5:30pm at chapter house unless stated otherwise

Tuesday 8/26: Bags and Basketball (Steak and Shake)

Friday 8/29: Women's Voleyball game (Hooter's wings), starts at 6pm.

Tuesday 9/2: Video Game Night (Pizza)

Thurday 9/4: Ultimate Frisbee and Kickball (Burgers and Hot Dogs)

Saturday 9/6: Tailgate for Western Kentucky (Subs), starts at 10am.

Sunday 9/7: Engineering You Future (Pada Del's), starts at 1pm in Engineering Hall.

Wednesday 9/10: Barbeque(Burgers and Hot Dogs)

Come learn about our brotherhood. Free Food!

If you have any questions regarding rush, email us at

Thank you,
Fall 2014 SPD Recruitment Committee

Sigma Phi Delta is the premier social/professional Engineering fraternity at the University of Illinois. Since its inception in 1927, Delta Chapter has been involved in all walks of life, student and professional.


Januray, 2014

On Brotherhood

A fraternity is fundamentally a group of college students congenial in tastes and character, living together happily because they have something in common with each other. A fraternity house differs from a dormitory or a boarding house in that its success, fiscal and otherwise, depends upon the cooperation of its members. It is something, which should be described in terms of friendship and brotherhood. Common aims, common names, common worries, common problems, and common plans weld the group into one homogeneous body ...